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Woman discovers bed bugs at Mt. Olympus Resort

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September 25, 2023

WISCONSIN DELLS, Wisc. (WKOW) — A Beaver Dam woman discovered bed bugs in her hotel room at Mt. Olympus resort after she had laid in her bed for just an hour and received several bug bites.
Bed Bugs in Mt.Olympus Mattress.

Kelly Mueller works as a travel nurse and picked up a shift near the resort. Mueller brought her family along with her, but instead of making money, she may have lost some.

She laid down for a bit in the hotel room, and when she went to work after that, she realized she had several bug bites. She left work several hours early and wasn’t compensated for the lost time.

If you suspect that you may have a bed bug problem, look for the tell-tale signs:

1. Brown stains around the corners of your mattress, headboard, and footboard.

2. Signs of bed bugs and their eggs

3. Bite marks on your skin

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Original Source: WKOW