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Four Las Vegas Strip Hotels Report Bed Bug Discoveries Over Last Five Months

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Visitors to some prominent Las Vegas Strip resorts may have inadvertently brought home bed bugs, according to recent findings by the Southern Nevada Health District (SNHD). Over the past five months, bed bug infestations have been identified in four major Strip hotels.

In December, a complaint from a guest at the Encore led to the discovery of bed bugs by one of the hotel’s specially trained dogs. The affected room was promptly removed from service on December 5, 2023. Similarly, bed bugs were found in three other Strip properties between September 2023 and January 2024. At the Venetian, following a bed bug sighting in September, a guest was relocated, and their belongings were professionally cleaned. Meanwhile, October saw bed bug-related incidents at the Mirage and Excalibur Hotel and Casino, where guests reported bites and sightings, prompting immediate room changes and refunds.

Bobby James, a pest control expert with Top Line Pest Eliminators, advises guests to be vigilant about checking their rooms for bed bugs, noting that these pests can survive for up to six months without feeding and may not immediately be noticeable.

The Nevada Resort Association responded to these incidents by emphasizing the rarity of such occurrences and the swift action taken by their members. They reassured that the industry prioritizes the health and safety of its guests and employees, highlighting the stringent pest control measures in place.

With approximately 155,000 hotel rooms and 41 million annual visitors, the Resort Association pointed out that the incidents are highly isolated, reinforcing their commitment to maintaining rigorous health and safety standards. When bed bugs are reported, affected rooms are immediately closed for thorough cleaning and extermination to prevent any further issues, underscoring the proactive approach Las Vegas resorts take to ensure guest comfort and safety.

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