Pro Tips for a Successful Job

• Furniture and clutter should be pulled away from walls at least 4 inches.
• Do not use any pesticide bombs, foggers or sprays prior to heat treatment.
• Do not remove anything from treatment area except for garbage or items to be permanently removed.
• Bed linens should be removed from beds and bagged to be washed after treatment.
• Unplug all electronics except major appliances.
• Notify Management prior to treatment of any fire sprinklers, heat sensors or laminate furniture.
• Permanently dispose of all trash and unwanted items before treatment.
• Improperly secured pictures and posters that may blow down should be taken down and laid flat.
• Vinyl or faux wood blinds have a low heat tolerance; they should be placed in the heat sensitive pile.
• Heat sensitive items should be placed in an easily accessible area like a table.

Heat Sensitive Items:

• Meltable items like chocolate, lip stick, candles, and deodorant
• Medications & Vitamins
• Vinyl recorders , tapes, thin plastic that may warp
• Aerosol cans, fire extinguishers, lighters, soda cans, pressurized containers
• Wines, liquors and perishables
• Items assembled with hot melt glue
• Wireless routers and modems
For Your Information:
• Try to group heat sensitive together with similar items.
• Avoid using cardboard, wicker or other containers that can hide Bed Bugs.
• Air flow is critical to this process, over-packed closets and rooms may not be able to be treated properly!
• Don’t over prepare. Unnecessarily boxed or bagged items make more work for everyone!