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Health Agency Reports Bed Bug Incidents at Seven Hotels on the Las Vegas Strip

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August 16th, 2023

Reports of bed bugs at seven hotels on the Las Vegas strip have recently come forward.

Caesars Palace, Planet Hollywood, Circus Circus, Palazzo, Tropicana, MGM Grand, and Sahara are among the list of hotels with recent reports of bug bites. The first report was filed in 2022, according to Southern Nevada Health District records obtained by USA TODAY.

The records show complaints at two Caesars Entertainment properties: bed bugs found at Planet Hollywood in June, and someone bitten while staying at Caesars Palace in January.

A Circus Circus executive was notified of a guest being bitten by bed bugs in their room in January 2022, the records reportedly show. Inspectors found bed bugs present and closed the nearby rooms for two weeks so they could be thoroughly cleaned.

Bed bugs can be easily identified by several criteria:

• Blood stains on sheets
• Bite marks on your body
• Bed bug poop which looks like small dots about the size of a period (.)
• Sweet, musty odor
• Pale yellow eggs or eggshells
• Actual bed bugs found around the mattress, headboard and footboard
• White oval eggs that are about as large as an apple seed

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Source: USA Today