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Bed Bugs Prevention and Basics

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Summer is the time for moving, for people and pests alike, and if you’re not careful you may have unwanted visitors like bed bugs showing up at your doorstep. Don Prashker, the owner at Thermapro Solutions, has a few suggestions if you are worried about these unwanted guests. If after reading this, you have further questions and are in the Cleveland / Akron Ohio area, be sure to contact Sure Fire Bed Bug Heaters to book an appointment or rent the equipment yourself.

Leave Furniture on the Curb

It may be tempting to pick up that beautiful sectional sitting on your neighbor’s tree lawn, but that unwanted piece of furniture may be home to pests, and can quickly infest your household if given the opportunity. Although bed bugs can move apartment to apartment or room to room, their preferred mode of transportation to new homes is through furniture. And tree lawns aren’t the only location to worry about. Thrift stores and Good Will locations also dispense furniture, and with furniture comes the possibility of bed bugs hiding in every nook and cranny. If possible, avoid picking up old furniture or if you have no choice, be sure to only take furniture from trusted friends and family, who can testify they are bed bug free. While it may seem over cautious, your future self may thank you for preventing an infestation from occurring.

See the Signs

If you have bed bugs on your property, the best thing you can do is identify the signs early, so you can take measures to prevent things from getting worse. Bedbug excrement is easy to spot. If you notice collections of little black dots, that is an indication there may have been bed bugs there. Make sure to check locations such as outlets and mattress seams as they often congregate there.

Get Rid of Them Fast

A few bed bugs can become an infestation very fast. If you see one, that means there are many, and acting fast may save your house and your sanity from being affected by these unwanted critters. As mentioned, there are signs you can look out for. If you see them do not hesitate to apply heat treatment or spray. If you are having trouble deciding which method to apply, heat or spray, know that heat is your best option. Bed bugs like heat and will be attracted to it, but they will soon succumb to the high temperatures if it is applied effectively.

There are many things you can do to prevent bed bugs from entering your home. The tips above are a great starting point for bed bug prevention. Be sure to contact Sure Fire Bed Bug Heaters if you are in the Cleveland / Akron area and need assistance.