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Is Your Hotel Room Infested by Bed Bugs?

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As spring turns to summer and people start to travel on vacation, the risks of introducing bed bugs into your home becomes higher. Spotting the signs is crucial to prevent these critters from gaining access to your luggage and personal items.

What are some signs your hotel room may be infected? Check the bed-sheets for small brown stains as these may indicate spots of blood created from unwanted guests. Be sure to look at both sides of the mattress as well as the seams as well.

Smell is another sense that can be crucial to identifying bed bugs. If your hotel room has a strong musty odor it may indicate the presence of bed bugs. If you do smell an odor be sure to check for other signs of an infestation, such as bed bug shells.

It is also important to examine the furniture. Worn out, old fabrics that are not clean could be a home for bed bugs. Also check for white spots on furniture. This may indicate the presence of eggs.

Although the risk your hotel has bed bugs relatively small, it is always important to be on alert when traveling to new places. Knowing the signs of an infestation is crucial in preventing these unwanted guests from hitchhiking on your belongings during your next trip out of town.

Source: The Irish Mirror