As a Rental Property Owner, there are few things as concerning as a Bedbug infestation. They cause financial as well as emotional discomfort. If they spread to other units, the problem multiplies. I have found that chemical treatment does not work. Proper heat treatment is the solution. I am located in the Cleveland area. My 1st time treating a unit, I rented equipment from a “X”* named outfit. Although very nice, the equipment failed to reach temperature without addition measures on my part. This time I went to Sure Fire. Although a drive, it was well worth it. From professional instruction sheets, accommodating service, and equipment that had no problem reaching the proper temperature. They even had a 220 plug converter and circuit breaker tracers to make sure I was successful. They have my future business should I need to do this again. I don’t usually take time to write reviews, but with the nature of this problem, I want to let others know that there is a outfit with a solution. I read a lot of reviews before I choose a product. Sure Fire does what its name says.
Max 04-2019.

*Business name removed