great white shark genus

According to the Guinness World Records Book, full-grown adults are average 4.3-4.6 meters (14-15 feet) in length, and generally, weigh 520-770 kg (1,150-1,700 lb). The Lamniformes (from the Greek word, Lamna "fish of prey") are an order of sharks commonly known as mackerel sharks (which may also refer specifically to the family Lamnidae).It includes some of the most familiar species of sharks, such as the great white, as well as more unusual representatives, such as the goblin shark and megamouth shark. Some individuals have been sighted near coral reefs in Mozambique as well as coasts of the Caribbean. It also has a countershading feature that acts as a camouflage technique. Great White Sharks […] For the female the length ranges from 4.57m to 6.1m at maturity.

How Do Sharks Find Their Food? Genus: Carcharodon A product of 350 million years of evolution, the Great White is perfectly adapted to it’s environment and should have no one to fear – apart from man. It is widely believed that a great white shark can live up to 70 years of age. The great white shark often gets negative media attention, fuelled by the occasional human casualty. Physical features. In addition to the size, great white sharks can be distinguished from others with their Mackerel shark family features. The great white doesn’t chew its food.

What follows is the modern biological classification of the White Shark and, for comparison, selected other creatures. Made famous in the media and film, the Great White Shark is known and feared world wide. The fossils bore more similarity to the current great white shark with the saw-like large teeth, the cartilaginous vertebrae, and the approximate size. How Many Teeth Do Sharks Have? 5578). After 18 months of gestation the female gives birth to self-sufficient pups, numbering 2 to 12, that immediately swim away to start their solitary lives.

Great white sharks are apex predators. All rights reserved. The great white shark is a predator that feeds on other sea animals. Just Like Humans, Sharks Have Personalities Too. A great white shark can survive on only one meal every month or two.

Finally, the great white is capable of swimming at up to 35 mph. The great white shark is found from the coastal surface waters down to depths of 1,200m on the continental slope. Did you know? A huge, spindle-shaped shark with conspicuous black eyes, a blunt, conical snout and large, triangular, saw-edged teeth (Ref.

However, it is estimated that there are about 3500 great white sharks in the world.
Principal Office England – Company Number RC000749 – Registered address Regent’s Park, London, England NW1 4RY. Carcharodon derived from ‘karcharos’ (Greek Word) which means sharp, and ‘odous’ means tooth. The other interesting fact is that most fatalities as a result of great white shark attacks are as a result of blood loss and not actual whole consumption by the shark. Source: The IUCN List of Threatened Species. The embryos are oophagous, literally meaning “egg eating”, the embryos feed on eggs produced by the ovary while still inside the mother’s uterus. This species does not have a high enough abundance anywhere in its range to withstand sustained exploitation. Their teeth, jaws, and fins can reach huge prices on the Asian fin market; for example, a set of great white jaws can sell for as much as $50,000. Species experts believe that an urgent change of perception of the species is needed to allow for more effective conservation. Largely misunderstood, this species has been over hunted and the future of the Great White on this planet is uncertain.

As is the case with rhino horns and elephant tusks, this encourages illegal poaching. The Great White Shark is considered one of the largest shark species in the world second only to the basking shark and the whale shark. The scientific classification of the great white shark: For a long time, scientists believed that the great white shark was a descendant of the megalodon shark also known as Carcharocles megalodon. This is because sharks prefer less bony prey with higher fat and protein content and usually release the humans as soon as the unfamiliar taste is detected. When born the offspring are about 1.5m long and perfectly capable predators. It is the only extant species in the genus Carcharodon and scientists believe they can live for up to 30 years and grow to 6.5m. These include the two dorsal fins, the 5 slit gills and the anal fin. Kingdom: Animalia Despite various claims otherwise, scientists generally agree that the maximum size of a Great White shark is 6m to 6.5m.

Both Northern Elephant Seals and the White Shark have been known to bite humans, but these injuries are generally not feeding related. GENUS, SPECIES. ... White Shark or Great White Shark?,,, Top 12 USA Beaches With The Highest Shark Attack History, 12 Most Dangerous Sea Creatures Divers Need To Know. Lead-grey to brown or black above, lighter on sides, and abruptly white below (Ref.

For the males on the other hand, the range is 3.35m to 4.1 at maturity. They also have eyes without nictating membranes as well as mouth slits that extend beyond the eye level. Designed by Elegant Themes | Powered by WordPress.

The dangerous nature of this shark is often exaggerated but has encouraged trophy hunting for their jaws and teeth.
What Does Shark Mean? The great white shark is scientifically referred to as Carcharodon carcharias. Litter size is between 2 and 10 pups.

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