notre dame burning

The editors reserve the right not to publish comments containing: incitement to violence, profanity, or broad-brush slurring of any race, ethnic group or religion. Claudine Loisel, a glass specialist working on the restoration, has been painstakingly testing the lead and grime on each panel of the building's 19th Century stained-glass windows, to check it's safe for restorers to begin their work. Nathalie Loiseau -- the former director of France's National School of Administration and the leading candidate on the electoral list of Macron's party, "Republic on the Move," for the May 2019 European Parliament elections -- was recently photographed exiting a church after mass, which led to a media debate on whether her church attendance is a "problem.". © 2020 BBC. There's no-one around Notre Dame here either; she's has been left alone, but not abandoned.". “The worst has been avoided although the battle is not yet totally won,” he said, according to the Associated Press. The restrictions in place to deal with coronavirus have meant that all restoration work here has stopped.

The fire that destroyed much of the Notre Dame Cathedral in the heart of Paris is a tragedy that is irreparable. After days of silence, the police finally admitted that the cause had been arson. Please limit comments to 300 words or less. According to CBS News, in a March 20, 2018 report: "The French government, which owns the cathedral, has pledged around $50 million over the next decade, leaving a bill of $135 million. The text had no effect. According to the, Toward a Transformational Peace in the Middle East, CIA Director Gina Haspel and the British Role in the Anti-Trump Plot, EU Still Siding with the "World's Worst Human Rights Abuser", CIA Director Haspel and the Anti-Trump Conspirators, Death to Free Speech in the Netherlands - Again, Black Appraisals of Black Lives Matter – Part III, Italy: Defend National Borders, End Up on Trial, Kidnapped, Raped, and Forced into Islam: The Plight of Christian Girls in Pakistan, Fighting in the Caucasus: Erdogan's Ottoman Ambitions. In the late afternoon of 15 April 2019, Monseigneur Chauvet was enjoying a drink at a nearby cafe when smoke began rising from the spire of Notre Dame. Barely an hour after the flames began to rise above Notre Dame -- at a time when no explanation could be provided by anyone -- the French authorities rushed to say that the fire was an "accident" and that "arson has been ruled out."

Ironically, it is a set of old scaffolding, put up before the fire to restore some of the cathedral statues, that poses the immediate threat.

", "And for all the elderly, the injured, those in quarantine, or isolated in retirement homes, I think there's a symbolic link. BCG: Can a vaccine from 1921 save lives from Covid-19? Benjamin Mouton, Notre Dame's former chief architect, explained that the rules were exceptionally strict and that no electric cable or appliance, and no source of heat, could be placed in the attic. Follow him on Twitter @slangwise. Even if the cathedral is rebuilt, it will never be what it was before. .css-po6dm6-ItalicText{font-style:italic;}Rebuilding Notre Dame: Inside the Great Cathedral Rescue will be shown in the UK on BBC4 TV on Wednesday at 2100 BST. The murder, three years ago, of Jacques Hamel, an 85-year-old priest who was slaughtered by two Islamists while he was saying mass in a church where only five people (three of them old nuns) were present, is telling. Subscriber Agreement & Terms of Use,

For centuries, for many, the First Lady of France. For a few critical hours, firefighters warned the French president that Notre Dame might not be saved. .css-14iz86j-BoldText{font-weight:bold;}When the wind blows around Notre Dame these days, strange, whistling chimes fill the air. The cathedral, a huge tourist attraction that is celebrated worldwide as one of the greatest examples of French Gothic architecture, dates back almost 1,000 years.

In several churches, fires were lit. Anne Hidalgo, the mayor of Paris described it as a “terrible fire” and implored people nearby to respect the fire crew’s boundaries to remain safe.
Some hope that the sight of the destroyed cathedral will inspire many French people to follow the example of those who prayed on the night of the disaster. Throughout the day, videos and images were widely across social media: The cause of the fire was not immediately clear, but officials cited by the BBC say that it could be linked to renovation work. Those churches that have not been vandalized are in poor condition, and most cathedrals are in poor condition, too. The articles printed here do not necessarily reflect the views of the Editors or of Gatestone Institute. Watch more than 50 of the cathedral's musicians paying tribute to Notre Dame a year on: Each one has its own properties, sometimes its own medieval signature. The remark raised concern, if not panic, among defenders of historic monuments, who now fear that he may want to ​​add modern architectural elements to a jewel of Gothic architecture. More than 800 churches were attacked in France during the year 2018 alone. Copyright © 2020 Gatestone Institute.

The fire at Notre Dame took place less than three years after a "commando unit" of jihadi women, later arrested, tried to destroy the cathedral by detonating cylinders of natural gas. Others, not as optimistic, see in the ashes of the cathedral a symbol of the destruction of Christianity in France.

When the old scaffolding that is welded together is removed, then we can say the cathedral is 100% saved.". The spire that rose from the cathedral was a unique piece of art. When the wind blows around Notre Dame these days, strange, whistling chimes fill the air.

Video, A very expensive bikini and 11 Tasmanian devils, Denver protest death: Demonstrator shot during rival rallies, Covid: Second national lockdown possible, says top UK scientist, Documentary claims to expose North Korea trying to dodge sanctions, US election 2020: Court allows Texas postal vote restrictions. The cause of the fire has so far been attributed to "an accident," "a short circuit," and most recently "a computer glitch.". The Notre Dame fire is destroying centuries’ worth of history, What the Harvard endowment’s below-average grade can teach you about index funds and your investments, Financial markets have waited patiently for fiscal stimulus. To find out more, please review our Privacy and Cookies Policy.
Since then, successive governments have spent little money to maintain them. "Notre Dame is an 850-year-old lady," the rector of Notre Dame, Patrick Chauvet, told me.

All quotes are in local exchange time. He totally left out cathedral's religious dimension.

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