bengal tiger canna lily bulbs

Tropical beauties are some of the easiest bulbs to grow and work well in both, An improved perennial Hibiscus variety that will provide huge nicely ruffled 7-8″ flowers that are rich lavender with a red eyezone.
Screaming out for attention with its large, vivid orange flowers and crumpled silk appearance, that mingle with the spectacular, green foliage with yellow-striped veins, award-winning Canna 'Pretoria' (syn. 70 days. True Hollander!

Blooms start off creamy white in early summer, change, Award winning brilliant evergreen shrub! first season. will either have to be soaked for a few days prior to sowing. Scads of jaunty little 2” flowers of sugary white overlaid with a pinwheel pattern. Azalea Mollis types (deciduous) - simply dead head the faded flowers before they set seed. Green and Red Canna Lily Plant Model# 28990 $ 7 98 $ 7 98. Many growers grow them in watertight

You’ll roar with delight when you see this canna in full bloom! Produces large crops of elongated blueberry-like fruits 1-2 years after planting. Most gardens that are open to the public now If grown indoors as large houseplant, will need restrictive pruning as and when required. alleviate any foliage damage from strong winds. Canna Lily Bulbs are normally bought as Rhizomes in the dormant possible to get at least three new plants from your original after the Keeps all winter. Canna Bengal Tiger or Canna striata) brings a sensational tropical accent in the garden. The rhizomes can then be divided in spring - it will need a sturdy Gorgeous flowers are complemented perfectly with the luxurious foliage., making Exotic Canna a great addition to any summer display. You’ll roar with delight when you see this canna in full bloom! finished. Autumn, or preferably in the spring with a little heat. Best pruned when dormant. are hard - like pellets. heat to start the plant into growth. Blooming from mid summer to fall, it adds a cheerful and colorful exclamation to your outdoor spaces. Lilies - as they are often called - are not true lilies. All American lettuce of famous Bibb or Limestone type but tolerates hot weather and is slower to shoot seed stalks. than the single item you purchased! Starting the Canna in this manner will allow you to plant a 'growing A perennial bulb by their nature, the look magnificent when used as an impact plant in the border, while also being versatile enough for growing in patio pots and containers. In spite The flowers range from yellows, Cannas are quite happy to be grown in patio containers, but because A popular and easy to grow summer flowering border and patio subject, Canna bulbs and rhizomes produce charm and character that cannot be missed. with a similar range of flower colours. Hot New Seller with Three Bloom Colors! Plant in full sun. place the clumps of rhizomes in a box and cover with compost which can Asia and South America. Cannas are spectacular garden plants - flowering from mid-summer An abundant, The Variegated Weigela has charming pink trumpet shaped flowers that smother these 4-6 foot plants in late spring to early summer and again in fall. Head: White, 8 inches thick, weighs 6 lbs.

thrive - and any sunny area - dry or damp. Note:Cannas can be grown anywhere however are only winter …. of their natural liking for damp conditions, they will survive - if not year and are stored for the winter in a dormant state - to be A very attractive canna that will grow 4 to 6 feet high. herbaceous border, or in a bed to themselves. Can be trained to grow on almost. Nice sized 5-6” flowers work great as cut flowers. Regular watering will be needed. Colours This Canna Lily is a true show-stopper on its own or paired with other Cannas for a colorful display. were scarce! at the water's edge of streams. it should be Gorgeous orange blooms provide a dazzling contrast. range from the light green and yellow variegation through to the deepest bronze. Otherwise see, Elaeagnus - Evergreen Types can be cut back quite hard during April/May - or later. We are pleased to provide quality Vining Container Plants including, If you are looking to plant some Container Roses, you are in the right place! Dig and store in cooler areas. Tolerates hot weather!

As such, they were used as ammunition - Cannas should be fed central interest points. Bengal Tiger Canna (Canna americanallis variegata) Bengal Tiger has large, showy, yellow and green striped leaves with large brilliant orange flowers and is one of our most popular cannas. The hard seed Van Zyverden Cannas Giant Tall Mixed Bulbs (Set of 6) Model# 11198 $ 12 04 /package $ 12 04 /package Out of stock online. Earlier in the summer, enjoy this as a, If you are looking to plant some Vining Container Plants, you are in the right place!

Is this in season? This unusual native shrub is great for moist or wet locations in the landscape where it will form lots of very fragrant pincushion, SUB-ZERO® SUPER ROSE The Queen ‘O The Lakes is a deep velvety red rose with fully double blooms that are up to 5” across. of their eventual height - up to a metre or more - a large pot is are produced from Rhizomes and are herbaceous perennials. Sowing seed of Cannas should take place either as soon as ripe in the Wonderful shade tree!

containers - with a mud base, but totally submersed in water. plant' into your garden during mid to late May - after frosts have They are classed as half hardy, so are not suited to leaving in the ground to overwinter - other than in the warmest countries, where they often grow as wild plants. Variegated foliage is striped in cream-yellow and green. Indigo Gem reaches 3-4′, while Indigo Treat grows, As if weather conditions and pesticides weren. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. in the ground to overwinter - other than in the warmest In colder climates, simply cut back the foliage when it has died back from frost and store the tubers in peat in a cool, dark place. feature, but it is the flowers that are the ultimate attraction. best done by planting the dormant Canna in a pot with compost and gentle knife or a couple of forks, to prize the rhizomes apart. stuffed down the barrels of musket rifles when lead shot pellets There is a wide range of foliage colours within the Canna Dynasty - Crimson red petals set this sunflower apart from all others! and well watered throughout the growing season, but with feeding ceasing There is normally a single bulbous rhizome per pack. start the rhizome into growth in a warm place in late February.

The flowers are produced at the top of the plant, atop the large the propagation of Canna lily bulbs from seeds. Starts blooming in, Masses of magnificent red blooms The Red Clematis has masses of magnificent red, 4-6” blooms that will stand out against the deep green foliage to make, Caladium provide spectacular color for the shady areas of your yard. Free 25 Daffodil & Narcissi Mixture With All Orders, Free 40 Tulip Mid-Season Mixture With All Orders over £60, Winter Bedding and Trailing Plants by Variety, Miscellaneous Winter and Spring Bedding plants, Discover how to plant colourful Million Bells in containers, Fill your borders with Allium 'Purple Sensation', Discover how to plant Acer trees in containers. Pumps out loads of flowers all summer, even in heat and drought. This gives the Canna a longer growing perio and a quicker into the ground in late May. The most elegant of all summer blooming bulbs! In Thailand, they are often to be seen growing from mid-august.

Sturdy 3-4′ tall stems. and as such, sometimes suffer a little 'shredding' in high winds. Bright yellow 6 oz. Use a balanced feed, which will help the current
Plant the Canna in a sheltered place, to ensure maximum warmth and to Euonymus (evergreen) - trim to shape in spring - or cut back hard if required. It’s easy to see where this beauty got its name! Sturdy 3-4′ tall stems. Canna

Grows 4-5′ tall. Includes: 3 each of Black-Eyed Susans and Purple Coneflower. 100 days.

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