australian sea lion population

One adult male was measured diving to a depth of 245 m. GBIF network ~ OBIS distribution map ~ AquaMaps. Australian sea lions are demersal foragers, and their aquatic distribution is restricted to shelf waters off South Australia and Western Australia. How Should I Vote if I Care About Preventing the Extinction of Nature? Is Boxed Water Really Better Than Bottled Water? Apart from size, their sexes are easily identified by coat color. The pup mortality rate during the 1999 breeding season at the Dangerous Reef colony in South Australia, for example, was 41%, a record for the colony, and there are concerns that the colony’s population is stagnating as a result.

The species has also been protected under national Australian legislation since 1975. “The Australian sea lion is an endangered species, in part due to historical sealing in the 19th century, where whole colonies were wiped out.

Veterinary scientist Rachael Gray is conducting a trial at Seal Bay, Kangaroo Island, with a topical treatment that could help the endangered species' population recover. Females become sexually mature at 4-6 years, males at 8-9 years. “Our trial is using a novel and minimally invasive treatment for hookworm in pinnipeds [fin-footed marine mammals], that we apply to the skin on the back of the neck, then monitor what effect it has on pup mortality.”. The evolutionary determinants of this unusual reproductive strategy remain enigmatic. Have you ever wondered how dolphins evolved to conquer the world’s oceans and rivers? current threats to the Australian sea lion in Australian waters and to make recommendations on the future research necessary to protect this species. Hopefully this eventually aids the species’ population recovery.”.

There is one more, overarching feature of the Australian sea lion population. Who’s watched My Octopus Teacher on Netflix? ~ Ocean Biogeographic Information System ~ PLOS ~ SIRIS ~ Tree of Life Web Project ~ UNEP-WCMC Species Database ~ WoRMS, Search for Australian Sea Lions @Flickr ~ Google ~ Picsearch ~ Wikipedia ~ YouTube. About 10 days after the pup is born its mother starts going to sea to feed, spending about 2 days at sea and about 1.5 days back ashore, until the pup is weaned. Their pups are born measuring about 62-68 cm in length and weighing 6.4-7.8 kg with a chocolate brown coat which it molts at 4-6 months to be replaced by the adult coat which is dark brown, apart from an area of blond fur on the head for males and silver-gray/brown on the back and creamy yellow underneath for females. Never miss our posts. Also in this section. The males are dark brown with mane-like yellow areas on their necks and the tops of their heads. The species was subject to sealing following European colonization of Australia, from which it has not recovered. It is thought that the most likely cause of the high mortality at Dangerous Reef was infanticide by aggressive adult sea lions, other factors such as food shortages also being a possibility. Then please support Eco Warrior Princess on Patreon! Individuals have been known to wander several kilometers inland though the reasons remain unclear. Encyclopedia of Marine Mammals (Third Edition),

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